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We are KTSA – KPMG Technology Services Americas! A service delivery center with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and a pool of remote talents across Mexico. We provide Technology, Consulting & Corporate Support Services to KPMG US and some of its clients, and we are the best at doing so!

We started operations in October 2020, and we are expanding our presence to new and exciting horizons.

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Technology Enablement helps KPMG in the US and our clients navigate an increasingly complex landscape and manage the challenges and opportunities inherent in technology. Our professionals support KPMG in the US and its clients in enabling digital transformation to meet business needs, transform processes, drive innovation, and foster growth. Here are some of our services:

Technology Engineering and Operations (TEO)

We provide technological infrastructure management: servers, databases, networks, end-user computing, supported by our Digital Desk Service.

Business Alignment and Execution (BAE)

We drive alignment to strategy and counsel our clients on highly complex matters to deliver technology-enabled solutions.

Systems of Actions

We manage and update enterprise solutions (SAP SYNC/Launchpad, Saba Learning, Degreed, Pluralsight, PeopleSoft, SAP Concur, etc.) backing the finance, operations, and HR areas.


We deliver consulting services and create comprehensive strategies that reflect our deep knowledge of the industries and functional priorities of our clients.

Digital Engagement and Experiences (DEE)

We create a digital experience plan of KPMG US teams to create holistic workspaces through digital tools.

Enterprise Security Services (ESS)

We provide computer security services as well as incidents response, digital risks assessment, and crisis management.

Enterprise Data Services (EDS)

We establish data as an asset to empower people to use the right data, at the right time resulting in insightful outcomes in a data driven culture.

Tax Technology

We develop business software for the tax segment and tax issues of KPMG in the US and their clients.

At KTSA, we put our people and values at front and center of our strategy. There is nothing more important than investing in our teams’ development.

Explore defines who we are as a brand, it defines our identity as KTSA. Explore also represents what we stand for as an organization that helps us shape the culture and the future of our company. It is built on 4 Pillars: Experience, Expand, Excel and Express.

These 4 Pillars represent our promise to our employees and to our communities!

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At KTSA, our people are always at the center of our organization. KTSAMÁS (“más” means more in Spanish) is part of our employee value proposition that goes beyond salary.

It’s our holistic approach to Total Rewards, Compensation and Benefits that encompasses the mental, emotional, and financial well-being of our employees.

KTSAMÁS is designed to accompany your personal and professional growth.

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At KTSA we do not discriminate against any job applicant because of their skin color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, disability, or any other reason.